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A friend of mine dropped me a link today on Hawaii’s legal case against the United States. I found the article to be imminently fascinating, but I believe I’ll be of a divided mind regarding this issue.

On the one hand, as a critic of American imperial ambitions and the quest for global hegemony that I think ultimately hurts our country, I completely understand where the Hawaiian independence movement is coming from. I love my country enough, however, not to want to see it break apart. considering our 10+ year involvement in Afghanistan, It would be rather ironic if the fate of the Soviet Union was only ours delayed.

I think it’s great that Keanu Sai is speaking the truth about a situation in which the historical facts aren’t disputed, making a lot of people deeply uncomfortable in the process. Seems like a lot of people would rather this stay swept under the rug.

Were this case to be discussed in a grander scale it would, I think, validly bring into question other American holdings, in particular the status of Puerto Rico. One side effect of the Hawaiian question that I foresee, though I would prefer to avoid, is whether or not it would validate Southern Secession in the 1860s. Since a great deal of US territory, even the continental US, was acquired by force and because I believe that there are enough Confederate fetishists (re: Secession Ball 2010) to be of some concern, I wonder whether or not the discussion regarding Hawaii might precipitate the breakup of the United States? Certainly not in the short run, but what about 10 or 20 years from now?

As an aside, the obvious question is that even if the birther movement is somehow satisfied that President Obama was indeed born in Hawaii, would they jump on this case to further delegitimize him? I personally think the answer is as obvious as the question.