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Airstrikes Begin in Libya

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today, airstrikes have been initiated by Western powers in Libya. I’ve actually been split on western intervention particularly because on the one hand, I fear that the wave of revolutions in the Arab world, or the Arab Spring if you will, would be halted in Libya if Gaddafi crushes the rebellion. On the other hand, I expect that, if this intervention gives the rebels the push they need to defeat Gaddafi, the West would, on the day of victory, tell the rebels what they owe them for their troubles.

I’m a deeply cynical person, but I still manage to hope that the West in general, and the US in particular, does the right thing here, rather than demanding that the rebel government submit to Western hegemony. I’m not naive; I know the implications of Islamists taking power in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, and whatever other Arab countries these revolutions spread to. As a global community however, we will tackle those issues should they arise.

I love my country, as non-chauvinistically as an internationalist could, but there are legitimate and undeniable reasons why many people of the world do not like the United States. The US participating in the toppling of democratically elected governments in Iran, 1953; Guatemala, 1954; and Chile, 1973 just to name a few, do not stand us in very good stead as the defenders of freedom and democracy that we make ourselves out to be and I simply hope that this intervention doesn’t stack up onto the heap yet another reason to hate the United States. I hope this doesn’t end up being a deal with the devil for the Libyan rebels.


GOP Strategy: Disaster Capitalism, Courtesy of The Rachel Maddow Show. . .

If you don’t think entire municipal governments should be disincorporated or privatized by executive fiat, you should absolutely watch this video. Before our eyes, but with little national attention, we are watching the aggressive dissolution of democracy under the guise of budget crises. This is no longer hyperbole; We have been warned.