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I originally posted this as a response on a friend’s Facebook, but I’ve been thinking about the controversy surrounding the label of Anders Breivik since I first caught wind of it; that we’re even debating such a point is absurd and maddeningly frustrating to me.

If Anders Breivik was a swarthy, bearded Muslim who had done this to further the interests of Islam, there would be no question as to whether or not he was a Muslim terrorist.

However this tall, blonde, blue-eyed, nordic man expressly said that he murdered children and bombed government offices as part of an effort to protect European Christendom from the invasion of the Muslim hordes and this is astonishingly met by hemming and hawing over whether he’s a Christian terrorist by the western media. Some remarkably question whether he’s even a Christian.

This man has expressed Christian motivations for what he did, so why labeling him a Christian terrorist is even remotely controversial is bizarre. I’m by no means making any sort of defense or excuse of Islamism (I have plenty of venom for that brand of religious idiocy), but when you kill people hoping to spark a new Christian Crusade against Islam, you are a Christian terrorist.

And Anders Breivik is a Christian terrorist, period, and this stupid display of relativism needs to stop. People like him are arguably the most sincere believers and that needs to be recognized for the sake of human civilization, especially in the age of nuclear weapons. Furthermore, he and his desires should serve as reminder to us that we have the right to remember what the parties of god do, not just when they are beleaguered and isolated cells of extremists seeking to benight all of humanity under the boot-heel of a totalitarian theocratic state, but also what they have done, still do, and will do when they posses state power.