Class Warfare: What Fox News Calls Class Struggle When the Working Class Fights Back

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Jon Stewart was in rare form for the opening segment of The Daily Show last night. As it turns out, were at Third World levels of income inequality, losing out to such luminaries of the Earth as Iran, Ivory Coast and Cameroon, though I’m sure Rick Perry would also call it treason to point that out.

Check out part two, in which we learn that The folks at Fox News and The Heritage Foundation evidently think that you aren’t -really- poor if you have a fridge or a microwave. I especially like the bit in which Fox News suggest you aren’t really poor if you have air conditioning, which, as summers get worse every year (though luckily climate change is -clearly- a hoax), air condition is a lifeline now more than ever today , as the elderly seem to have the audacity to die in their homes without it.

There is indeed a class war going on, and the super-wealthy are winning. In our time of crisis, they’re going in for the kill and austerity is the weapon. What side are you on?


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