With nothing left to lose, a world to win

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Occupation
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I’m not sure there is a point to this, much less a valid one. The first order of business for any ruling class power facing a popular insurgency is to deny that the wretched of the Earth have any legitimate grievance; the immiserated, the homeless Veteran, the recent graduate with no employment prospects and mortgage-level student debt loads, the laid-off; dismiss them as communists, terrorists, ingrates, malcontents, mobs, and traitors that just need to go get a job even when there are none to be had. Tell people without shoes to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. If that doesn’t stick, send in the police-spies and provocateurs to fabricate an excuse for the Oakland PD to shoot, beat and gas people.

Wages have remained stagnant for 30 years and the racking up of wealth has the US literally at third-world levels of wealth and income inequality; when it ranks near the Ivory Coast in wealth and income inequity, it’s no longer hyperbole to say that the US is now the wealthiest third world nation on Earth. People are rightfully pissed that the capitalist class played speculative games with the economy and got bailed out after they burned it to the ground while the working-class got booted out of their jobs and their homes in droves because of it.

If the only response to this is to tell them that they’re worthless because they didn’t fight in World War II, the cartoonist and anyone who agrees with it aren’t paying attention. Today’s grand struggle is the class struggle and the struggle against reactionary forces that are trying to roll back every working-class victory of the 20th century in the daybreak of the 21st. Those who have nothing left to lose have realized that they now have a world to win.


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