The Thin Blue Line Between. . .

Posted: December 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is a bit of a link blitz, but it’s important because recently, we’ve seen a series of disturbing developments regarding the expansion of police, surveillance and national security powers coming our way that are both frightening and very dangerous, so bear with me.

Not so recent was President Obama’s arrogation of the government’s right to indefinitely detain people at the Guantanamo Bay concentration camp, which he had signed the order to close. He called this arrogation “prolonged detention” but it was a distinction without difference, though none but the true believers (suckers) could really be so blind as to see it as anything but.

Lol, suckers. Every single fucking one of you. . .

Fast forward a bit to December, 2011 when the United States Senate passed “S. 1867 As Amended”, which would allow for the indefinite detention and torture of US citizens, by a vote margin of 93-7 in favor. Keep in mind that this is all against a backdrop of routine police violence against people for shockingly minor crimes,  how Republicans are now being trained to talk about the Occupation Movement, the federally coordinated violent crackdown of the Occupation Movement, the addition of the Occupation Movement to terrorist watch lists for challenging capitalism as an economic system that, while historically necessary, now endangers the future of the human species, and the encouragement of viewers of reactionary media outlets to kill those in the Occupation Movement who challenge capitalism as an economic order that fails to provide anything resembling economic security.

I remember my father telling me once to be careful what I put online. This is, absurdly enough obvious to me, because anything I enjoy privately or post on Facebook, evidently is always a good determiner of my professional fitness or strength of my personal character, but I remember the moment at which I realized that I had a limit to my electronic paranoia. At the admonishment that I be careful of what I put in an IM or a text message, methods of communication that are implicitly private, I knew that I had reached the point at which I no longer had any more fucks to give. The same goes with the hideously contrived “War on Terror”. I, in all sincerity, would rather live in a free country in which I might face the off-chance of being blown up by a terrorist car-bomb or gas attack while enjoying my Second Amendment rights to hopefully kill them before I hit the ground, than live in an omniscient national security police state in which the feds are legally permitted to snatch me out of my bed in the dead of night and disappear me to some CIA black site, labeled a terrorist after writing a blog post in which I call the President an asshole.

The important lesson that I’ve taken away from this personally is the fact that there is no fundamental difference between the Democratic and Republican parties. That I’m on the left means that I’ll support an individual Democratic candidate, an Elizabeth Warren, or an Alan Grayson, but I’m done with the two-party political system for good, institutionally speaking, and I challenge anyone, whatever your political orientation might be to reject it too and build an independent political coalition that can challenge this entrenched and cancerous corruption on our body politic.


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