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Posted: December 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today, I discovered which is pretty awful on several levels, whether you’ve illegally downloaded something or not. I’m not ignorantly or naively defending digital piracy, but considering how out of control the expansion of property rights are, that it scans for what you’ve downloaded to your motherfucking hard drive I’d like to think is alarming to anyone on the net for several reasons. Whatever these assholes say about dynamic IPs don’t matter, they’ll find a way to pin you down and don’t you forget it and so will the Feds, whatever it is.

Heroically blazing new trails for spying on people. Assholes. Every single one of them.

It’s tagline of “isn’t it fun to spy on your friends?” and a button with which to “scare your friends” makes it infinitely worse for someone who doesn’t want to live in a totalitarian police and national security state, considering the obvious implications of a program like this. For what it’s worth, no, it’s not fun to spy on my friends, or scare them, and I don’t want the RIAA or the CIA/FBI Secret Police doing it either.

  1. Tim Thraeryn says:

    This doesn’t scan one’s hard drive for downloaded items.

    It runs one’s IP against a list of IPs that have downloaded torrents from public trackers like thepiratebay. In fact, when I visit the site, it says:

    There’s a fine article about the site here:

    I’m on the fence about the site’s purpose. I respect the idea of trying to force people to realize the insecurity of their download habits; I don’t feel right in the offering of a searchable database of torrent downloaders. Like most tools, it can be used properly or improperly. Ideally, people are using their OTHER tools properly, like I am, which keeps them off this list.

    • Tim Thraeryn says:

      A note: I definitely download a lot of things, and am accordingly pleased as punch that the site has no records on me. It’s all about being informed, prepared, and selective, like much of life.

  2. maxchaves says:

    No, it doesn’t scan your hard drive, but it scans for what you’ve downloaded to your hard drive using these sites and displays them publicly. That this is even debatable is absurd and alarming. I don’t care for making people insecure about their download habits; the implications are too huge considering that if this site or the Feds could do that for everything else, whether if it was a copy of the new Transformers movie or a .txt copy of the Communist Manifesto or Bram Stoker’s Dracula from Project Gutenberg, it would be a chilling effect for intellectual freedom. Considering the #NDAA crisis we’re facing, I’m not willing to be so naive about what this program will inevitably be used for.

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