Apologies (For Ruining Your Marriage)

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yesterday, Amy Koch, the Republican State Senate Majority Leader for Minnesota, resigned her position as the majority leader and declared that she would not seek re-election for “engaging in a relationship with a senate staffer”.

Ms. Koch, a conservative Republican notorious for her “family values” positions (no pun intended), was a recipient of a letter by John Medeiros, a self-declared representative of the LGBT community of Minnesota in which he had the good taste to declare all LGBT Minnesotans at fault for their successful efforts of threatening Ms. Koch’s traditional marriage so frightfully, as it seems, as to drive her into the arms of a man who wasn’t her lawfully wedded spouse.

Even though this is obviously tongue-in-cheek, a story like this easily comes off, at first glance, as snarky, petty, and in all around poor taste.

My impending “however” relates to the fact that as part of keeping the peace, such as it were, with those to whom I am diametrically opposed on the political spectrum so as to keep the dialectic alive, I make it a point not to make an issue out of anything personal of my opponents. If you are a conservative or a reactionary who is in the closet, I care not one bit and I won’t out you or bring it up as a matter of any political discussion. What consenting adults do in the confines of their own homes with each other sexually (or in the backseat in a dark parking lot for all I care) is their own business.

However, if you’ve built any career out of making life more difficult and dangerous and miserable for our LBGT brothers and sisters, or for heterosexual adults wishing to explore their sexuality to the fullest moral potential, especially when such repression is attained and enforced through the applied force of law and state power, you absolutely deserve to be called out for enjoying what you condemn others for.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a virulently anti-gay politician who get’s caught trying to blow a cop in an airport men’s room, or an evangelical preacher snorting crystal meth out of the crack of a male hooker’s ass, or an ex-gay “therapist” caught having a rent-boy “handle his bags”; in politics, it’s not so much a matter of the crime, but of the coverup and worse yet, the hypocrisy that turns people off, if you’ll forgive the expression, and the hypocrisy of yet one more anti-gay politician who “defends the sanctity of marriage” while cheating on their spouse completely deserves the derision and disgust by all who bear witness to it.


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