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“”What is his real agenda here?” he said. “Is it to educate the public about the dangers of money and politics, and what’s going on? Or is it simply to marginalize the Republican Party? I think if I were a Republican candidate I would be concerned about that.

Todd concluded by saying that he “idolized” American politics and didn’t want to see people become more cynical about them.””

WATCH: MSNBC Host Tears Into Stephen Colbert

I’d like to say something caustic and dismissively witty about these words spilling clumsily from the mouths of babes, but suffice it to say that, Chuck Todd is almost 40, and no serious journalist covering Washington has any business being so naive about the subject of his reportage.

I have no reason to think that Stephen Colbert has any designs on marginalizing the Republican Party directly. They are doing that quite well on their own by championing stunningly regressive and reactionary policies that make even the densest and most ignorant political dullard perform an incredulous spit-take.

The valuable service to humanity that Colbert performs is in his generous use of the power of comedy and ridicule to highlight the corruption and rottenness that infects and pervades and positively flourishes in our political system, particularly since January 2010. This is no mean task and should be commended at every available moment.

Regarding his on camera persona, this is obviously a powerful resource by which Colbert can exercise his trade. This performs two functions; 1) he can use this persona to channel the arguments of the enemies of the working class, and to humanity as a whole, to full comedic and ridiculous effect to make a point and, 2) embolden the effect he has when he drops character and speaks with all evident sincerity.

To be truthful, all who watch him can only guess when he enters the second mode of sincerity. That he set aside his persona briefly in his testimony to Congress about immigration, is nonetheless a sterling example of this and was one of the most poignant and heartfelt moments I’ve yet borne witness to in our nation’s capital.

For a man like Chuck Todd to criticize him for what he does for the reasons he does is akin to tossing aside a chocolate bar to munch on the wrapper it came from. We deserve better journalists than this and shouldn’t have to rely on the musings of people led into every night by, as Jon Stewart once put it, “puppets making crank phone calls.” That Chuck Todd is what passes for journalistic rigor in the United States, is but one of many reasons why we find ourselves so dependent.


Quick update

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I’ve had to change Internet providers due to what I think have become the unreasonably high service costs of Comcast. When I had to start paying roughly twice per month for Internet and cable TV than when I started their services (the cable TV I didn’t want in the first place and don’t watch enough of to justify the expense), that was enough for me to switch, since Comcast doesn’t allow unbundled internet. Simply put, my updates have been markedly less frequent for this very reason and may yet be so until the 26th of January, though hopefully I’ll be back online sooner. I’ll still be writing offline, however, and hope that anyone out there reading me will still check back in.

Slithering into what I sadly cannot say is a new low for the GOP base, Ron Paul supporters have released the following gem attacking the Republican primary candidate who’s been sucking hind-tit throughout the entire campaign, Jon Huntsman.

Ron Paul, a Republican presidential contender for 2012 has rightfully landed in a big pot of hot water for making flagrantly racist statements in several of his newsletters from decades past. Dr. Paul has denied authorship of the articles in question, however videos have surfaced, like turds in a toilet, where he neither denies authorship, nor disavows those articles but instead speaks of his newsletter with unmistakable pride.

This new video, blatantly depicting Huntsman in a manner suggestive that he is not only sympathetic to, but in the direct employ of the “evil alien yellow hordes” by showing only footage in which he is speaking in Mandarin Chinese. This can’t help but strengthen the perception that Ron Paul and his surrogates are unapologetic racists and by now, this should be of no shock to anyone.

I harbor no illusions that any of this will alienate him from the GOP base, the foundation of which is partially built on elements of racism and xenophobia (see the immigration debate and the poisonous references to Hispanics and foreign “others” as “illegals”). I’m hoping instead that this will be a wake up call to his younger devotees who might think that the Civil Rights movement was actually a good idea and that human life isn’t subordinated to private property rights. We all should come together and flush this relic of know-nothing-nativism and Jim Crow politics to the sewage pipe of the worst in human history.

Either way, I guess it can’t really be surprising that the supporters of cutthroat neoliberalism would dump on the weakest of the lot.