The Ron Paul: Like Turds Floating in a Toilet

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Slithering into what I sadly cannot say is a new low for the GOP base, Ron Paul supporters have released the following gem attacking the Republican primary candidate who’s been sucking hind-tit throughout the entire campaign, Jon Huntsman.

Ron Paul, a Republican presidential contender for 2012 has rightfully landed in a big pot of hot water for making flagrantly racist statements in several of his newsletters from decades past. Dr. Paul has denied authorship of the articles in question, however videos have surfaced, like turds in a toilet, where he neither denies authorship, nor disavows those articles but instead speaks of his newsletter with unmistakable pride.

This new video, blatantly depicting Huntsman in a manner suggestive that he is not only sympathetic to, but in the direct employ of the “evil alien yellow hordes” by showing only footage in which he is speaking in Mandarin Chinese. This can’t help but strengthen the perception that Ron Paul and his surrogates are unapologetic racists and by now, this should be of no shock to anyone.

I harbor no illusions that any of this will alienate him from the GOP base, the foundation of which is partially built on elements of racism and xenophobia (see the immigration debate and the poisonous references to Hispanics and foreign “others” as “illegals”). I’m hoping instead that this will be a wake up call to his younger devotees who might think that the Civil Rights movement was actually a good idea and that human life isn’t subordinated to private property rights. We all should come together and flush this relic of know-nothing-nativism and Jim Crow politics to the sewage pipe of the worst in human history.

Either way, I guess it can’t really be surprising that the supporters of cutthroat neoliberalism would dump on the weakest of the lot.


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