Obama Voters from 2008 rightfully disillusioned

Posted: October 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Obama Voters from 2008 rightfully disillusioned

“…almost four in 10 millennials said that it doesn’t matter who is elected because Washington is broken. A quarter of them said that neither candidate represents their views, and almost three-quarters admitted to not being politically active.”

The 2008 Obama campaign fired up the youth vote by campaigning as a (supposedly) genuine liberal with  fresh, new perspective, but instead governed as the same kind of staid or craven servants to the 1%. Obama, lavishly soothing the wounds of the banksters, expanding imperialist wars, overseeing a metastasizing totalitarian national security and surveillance state (a la NDAA and Espionage act driven war on whistleblowers) that is an expansion of the Bush-era legacy, his giveaway to the health insurance companies on the right-wing Heritage Foundation’s framework for Obamacare, and his bipartisan assault on education and the organized working-class (amongst other betrayals) has demonstrated that he deserves the votes of no one who doesn’t work for Goldman Sachs the Koch brothers, or Michelle Rhee.

In doing so, the greatest sin of this administration was to tell (especially) young voters, by his actions, that their vote truly doesn’t matter; no matter which puppet of the 1% you vote for, you’re choice is still over who will jab the knife in your back the least.

Protip: There are more than two parties to cast a vote for president; to say that voting for them is a throwaway vote is a self-fulfilling prophecy; of course they’ll never win if you never vote for them. What’s amusing about Obama-bots, especially in Texas, is that they say such things about third parties without a trace of irony; the electoral college ensures that voting Democrat in Texas is a throwaway vote too, so vote your conscience and your principles and make history. It’s a damned sight better than voting who’s going to bleed you the slowest.


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