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With the dawn of the Citizens United era, SCOTUS made the ridiculous decision that money equals speech. That doctrine now unfortunate carries with it the force of law, but no one would argue however that writing a check to Hezbollah or Al Qaeda is a mere free-speech expression of approval for what they do. The term for that is providing material support for terrorist organizations, and that is the line where an activity being mere “free speech” ends.

Likewise, the problem isn’t who’s served at Chic-fil-A, but that the restaurant chain provides millions of dollars in material support to anti-gay hate groups. Face the fact that when you give your money to Chick-fil-a, you help such hate groups make life more difficult, dangerous and miserable for LGBT folks. When you pocket your money and go elsewhere to eat, or your city denies them a permit, be encouraged by the fact that you don’t have to be intimidated, emotionally blackmailed or tricked into thinking that you’re denying Chick-fil-a anything owed to them; you and your community have the right to not be forced to support businesses that fund and support hate groups.

To masquerade this behind a hollow facade of a “free-speech” issue is to engage in gross obscurantism and misses the point entirely. It does seem silly that the fight against anti-gay bigotry is not being waged in a fast-food chain, but this kind of obscurantism and support for hate groups must be rooted out, combated, and destroyed; unchecked bigotry spreads like a cancer.

That is the point.